SOTHEBY’S Evergreen Content System

Generative Media Program and Digital Signage for New York HQ



Sotheby’s transformed their New York headquarters into an art destination with new public gallery spaces. AV&C brought me on as Creative Director to create an evergreen content system that promotes constantly changing exhibitions and programming as well as way finding 24/7/365. The system refreshes Sotheby’s New York headquarter daily, providing a branded and versatile media program for the space that can be scheduled for daily use and all of the special events throughout the year. Photos, videos, online data as well as custom information is seamlessly integrated through layout and behavior rules in order to display exhibition programming, brand animations, custom content and way-finding. A family of digital displays located at key navigation points throughout the 10 floors facilitates navigation and encourages a sense of discovery. 

CLIENT: Sotheby’s
AGENCY: AV&C + 2×4